How you I sign up?

Give us a call at (949) 391-7437.  You’ll need to provide us a copy of your current doctor’s recommendation and a valid ID.  If you need to obtain your doctor’s recommendation, please click on the tab at the top of page to get your discounted doctor’s recommendation in 10-15 minutes.

What are the requirements for membership?

Must be 18 yr+ with a current CA doctor’s recommendation and a valid ID. Must provide a copy of your doctor’s recommendation and ID and agree to the membership agreement rules. Membership is free to qualifying applicants.

What is the minimum for delivery?

There is a $40 minimum for delivery.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. CA sales tax is added to all credit and debit cards orders.

What’s the right choice for me?

Cannabis can provide relief from symptoms associated with a variety of conditions. Different cannabis strains can be more effect than others for a particular condition. Some strains we recommend avoiding all together for certain individuals. Our knowledgeable member consultants are your valuable resource for choosing which strain or product is right for you.